Thursday, 29 June 2017

Bits & Pieces: Cute Looking Characters

When I watch my TV shows, sometimes I take screenshots of when something/someone looks good, cute, funny, good, GORGEOUS? (Do I have the tendency to take screenshots of gorgeous actors rather than actresses, cough, I do not know.) Thought I share five pictures today. Random stuff. I've been binge watching 2 Broke Girls lately, hence explaining the three pictures out of five.

1. Four happy faces in one picture, my heart, my heart! (2 Broke Girls Season 3)

2. Sho kiut. Nuff said. (2 Broke Girls Season 3)

3. Score. (2 Broke Girls Season 3)

4. Sheldon and Amy dancing. This is precious. (The Big Bang Theory Season 4)

5. Because Lee Dong Jun is kind of handsome. (Whisper)

Monday, 26 June 2017

Minions on the Wall

Despicable 3 couldn't have a more perfect timing to be released in Malaysia! I see it as a personal reward after a harrowing exam period. Dad took a bit more convincing to come along while Mum enjoyed the movie a lot; she laughed throughout the movie. Yes, it was good time indeed.

There were three murals on the way out and they were quite impressive I'd say. Most of the minions look closely to the original creations while Ironman and Ghost in the Shell were almost flawless. The usual boring nothing-much walk out of the cinema became not so boring after all.

These were spotted in GSC Aeon Bandaraya Melaka on 19th June 2017. May more appear in the future.

Front view Ironman 

Full view of the curved mural


Ghost in the Shell

Monday, 29 May 2017

Pretty Business Cards

'Beatrice' is my favourite. Because her cards are self painted/written, every single card is slightly different and that meant whoever has her card has only one of a kind.

On the 12th of May (Friday), three course mates of mine and I went to Lima Pulo at The Row, Jalan Doraisamy for lunch, which was an unwise decision that I made at that time because
1. The roads were rather congested and it took us more than the time needed to get there
2. Meals were priced at a higher range and spending there meant that I sidetracked from my mission to save up

While waiting for the food to arrive, I visited the art market next door with hopes of finding something nice for mum given that mother's day was coming. Besides the many artsy things, there were also cookies and facial products. After looking at a few stores without looking at the price of things, I came upon a very artsy apron and thought that would make a lovely gift. Despite knowing the high probability of it being out of my purchasing ability and I should smile, say "It's okay," and walk away when the stall owner spotted me and asked "How may I help you?", I asked for the price anyway. Brace yourself, it was RM 125. The bag on display next to it was Rm 90.
"Wow, price, a bit high huh?" *Smiles*
"Yeah, these are self designed and handmade and they are from the USA..." (In an accent that sounded kinda dubious.)
*It was as if life hit you hard, and a realisation dawned upon you, you realised that everything in the market were out of your league, you said thanks and went on looking from stall to stall until you exited the market with only artsy business cards in your hands.*

In the end what I could have and relish were their business cards. They were all very pretty and I wished I had one from every store but alas the ones in the picture above were the ones I managed to get. A lady store owner was eyeing me suspiciously when I had several in my hands, on the way for more. I had to abort my mission then.

Sorry guys I didn't get anything from your stalls but I do appreciate your art. I think these cards are proof that business cards have evolved very well and one can incorporate art even in small things like these.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Tunnel | Thoughts

Tunnel could be THE drama whose level is on par with Signal but it is a pity (slightly) that the time travel plot hole in the final few episodes took that impression away. Plot holes often happen in time travelling stories though so I guess we more often than not flashed some ignorance or else we wouldn't be left with much to enjoy at all. (Also because we are just audience and we can't really do anything but to take what has been served by the screen.)

Image: asianwiki
A string of murders occurred in 1985 and all the victims who were ladies in their 20s had dot markings on their heels; they were choked to death with stockings. No traces were left behind after each murder rendering the serious crime unit clueless. Nothing. Nada. Jung Ho Yung was brought in for questioning once but was released due to an alibi provided by his mother. Park Kwang Ho of serious crime unit finally managed to chase down the culprit but he was brought to the future/present (2017) when struggling with the culprit in a tunnel. AKA time traveled. Hence the title. He had no choice but to work with the current unit and he believed that his time travel had to do something with this murder case. Guess who were in the team? Sung Shik who was Kwang Ho's junior in 1985 and Kim Sun Jae, son of one of the murder victims. Yep, can see the comic relief between Kwang Ho and Sung Shik coming. The team also had Min Ha, Tae Hee, and an external Professor Shin Jae Yi who contributed her analysis of criminal behaviour. And... Shin Jae Yi was revealed later to be Park Kwang Ho's daughter.

While some of the murders were indeed done by Jung Ho Yung, it turned out that Mok Jin Woo was the culprit behind the murders 30 years ago plus two recent ones. Mok Jin Woo's madness had come from the love hate relationship he had for his mother. On the outside he grew up to be quite a fine man, working as a forensic pathologist, but on the inside, he firmly believed that he was a killer with a purpose. Sidetracking a bit with this purpose issue because it disappointed me. When he mentioned that he finished off Kim Sun Jae's mother, Seo Yi Soo, because she wasn't all that innocent, I began to believe that a good twist would be coming in. That Seo Yi Soo really wasn't all that innocent. That maybe she did had an affair or she was abusive. That Kim Sun Jae's image of his perfect mother would crumble down. Alas, the victims were all murdered for petty reasons; Seo Yi Soo's perfectly harmless smiling to a man on a bus was seen as flirtatious by Mok Jin Woo. He punished the 'dirty' ladies by killing them off, then they can be reborn again to start anew and the world would be cleaner. Mok Jin Woo was able to blend in with the society very well because he was a sociopath unlike Jung Ho Yung who was a psychopath. This showed us how criminals could hide so well in the community and often people could not imagine them to be cruel. Park Kwang Ho managed to shake his faith of being a 'killer with a purpose' that we last saw him teetering on the brink of going crazy attempting to convince himself of his long held lunatic belief and that he wasn't trash like Jung Ho Yung. Am I sadistic to say that his beginning of breakdown was somewhat satisfying to watch? I personally would like to see more of his breakdown upon realising that he was trash since he had been keeping up his smiles for too long. Ugh.

There were two individual cases in Tunnel as well which I thought was not a bad move because it relieved some of the serial murder stress and brought some freshness to the show. While one case was rather common, a murder out of revenge, the other case was something different and often not featured in crime shows because, I don't know, maybe it wasn't as heavy or intriguing as a murder? Whatever it is, serial arson is still a crime and if it involves the death of people, that is arson-turn-murder now eh, buddy.

It might be prejudice but I can't deny that I felt a repel from adult Kim Sun Jae the moment I laid eyes on him. His annoying shouting at Park Kwang Ho who was still new in 2017 certainly did not help to reduce my dislike. Also, I simply cannot be calm with the fact that Shin Jae Yi despite being a professor, decided to lure Jung Ho Yung out all by herself without any plan. I thought her stupid actions were going to be at least justified after the ordeal but nothing came except for the fact that she was right about Jung Ho Yung needing to be lured out. Did she really not have a plan of rescuers watching her of some sort? What was she thinking?! (She was strangled thrice though, poor thing, as if one wasn't traumatic enough.)

As for the major plot hole, I wonder myself if this what I call a major plot hole, is legit. Do let me know. :) When Park Kwang Ho returned to the past, he brought Mok Jin Woo's Noel fountain pen with him. It was left there when Park Kwang Ho came to the future again and flashbacks of Shin Jae Yi's told us that it was hidden in  her plushie bear. Fortunately, Shin Jae Yi remembered correctly; the pen was there and she retrieved it. It still existed. Okay. That would meant that the pen was hidden for 30 years and if it was hidden for 30 years, that meant it wasn't in Mok Jin Woo's possession since 30 years ago. Mok Jin Woo wouldn't have that pen for 30 years and therefore, he wouldn't be able to mark the heels of the two victims that he murdered in 2017. Because ya know, changing the past meant changing the future. Therefore, the DNA of the two recent victims couldn't have been on the pen. If I were to ignore this hole and there was still DNA on it, wouldn't the DNA be too old (30 years)?

I really like the part where the team personally went to the victims' family and told them that their daughter's or wife's murderer had been apprehended. It was touching to see them break down in tears as this news meant closure for them. A long awaited closure after 30 long years.

Finally Park Kwang Ho decided to return to where he belonged but viewers were not told if he caught Mok Jin Woo in the past. No closure. Ugh. He was now seen with his wife, baby daughter and a boy Sun Jae. Seems like the future was going to be somewhat different after all. Nice twist though for how the future detective Park Kwang Ho got his name; adult Park Kwang Ho saved baby Park Kwang Ho's mother who decided to name her infant Park Kwang Ho after asking adult Park Kwang Ho for his name. (I hope you are not confused with the amount of 'Park Kwang Ho's I used in one sentence.)

It should be comparable to Signal given how good it was in the first 3 quarters before just falling short of my high expectation due to the time travel plot hole. I would still recommend it after Signal.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Solomon's Perjury | Thoughts

Image: asianwiki
I slayed this drama in a good two and a half days. They were smart to give the story 12 episodes rather than drag it through 16 episodes. Unlike Missing Nine. Which is why, albeit not one of the best shows, it is certainly better than Missing Nine (provided, like me, you skip all the slow parts) and if you had to pick between the two, pick Solomon's Perjury.

I have yet to watch 13 Reasons Why which is the rage now but it is safe to say that Solomon's Perjury had a similar base. The issue of teenage suicide is highlighted. Lee So Woo, a depressed guy was found lying 'peacefully' dead in the bushes by Bae Joon Young. It was ruled as suicide by the police but an anonymous letter surfaced later claiming that the writer had witnessed Choi Woo Hyuk, a notorious bully, pushing Lee So Woo off the school building. It was still concluded as a suicide due to lack of evidence that suggested a homicide. Ko Seo Yeon and friends then held a mock school trial to find out the truth.

Let me just make this short. Lee So Woo did jump off by himself. Choi Woo Hyuk wasn't at the scene at all. Lee Joo Ri wrote the letter to take revenge on Choi Woo Hyuk who had once spit on her hair and then locked her up in the school shower. Han Ji Hoon as Choi's defence counsel succeeded in proving his innocence but also used the opportunity to highlight his acts of abuse and bully. Choi was sorry, Han Ji Hoon told what happened that night: Lee So Woo called him up to the roof and after an argument, threatened Han that he would jump if Han left him alone at the rooftop. Unfortunately Han left, Lee jumped. Next Han Ji Hoon's father, Han Kyung Moon, head of the school's legal foundation confessed that the school had a list of students with privileges; these were students whose parents paid for their entry and they had pre-exam tips so that they score in their papers. Disciplinary actions on them were light too. Lee So Woo found out and was slammed by Han Kyung Moon.

First off, although Lee Joo Ri is one of the victim here and she is some sort of a kesian character, I have to say that LEE JOO RI IS VERY VERY ANNOYING! She screamed too much to the point I just want to give a slap to make her silent.

While it is true that all the characters involved are needed to make the school trial a reality, it was mainly Han Ji Hoon who drove and brought the story forward. Nothing really significant came from the others, even Ko Seo Yeon, except for Bae Joon Young in the last episode who stood up and mentioned something worthy for Han Ji Hoon because he had been blaming himself for Lee's death.

The story had been going in the direction of 'to find out why Lee So Woo committed suicide' but when the BIG secret that Lee held within him was let out, I was like 'Meh, what, really? That?' I thought the secret would be something deeper, darker and more serious that would have pushed him into severe depression. Well, I don't know, maybe illicit entry to prestigious schools were taken very seriously there.

The trial club teacher was commendable; she was willing to act as the club supervisor to make the club a reality. Teachers like her truly make the school more bearable. She is one that truly deserves all that teacher's day appreciation thing.

How does the name Solomon fit in though? Was it related to the original Japanese story?
Final note: the students are such good looking characters tho. Ehem.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Bit by Bit, Gone

Near the end of last month, there was an ad for McD's fries displayed rather largely on the Orizon screen and quite strategically at the Chow Kit monorail station. (At least I think it was an Orizon screen though I may be wrong. For some reason, there has been a mushrooming of these Orizon screens displaying ads and event promos. There are even some of them in the campus library.)

Sedikit-sedikit lama-lama habis. Meaning eat the fries bit by bit, soon they will be finished. It is a play on the Malay proverb sedikit-sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit which literally means bit by bit and it will become a hill. It is often used when it comes to teaching children on saving money. I still remember my father explaining the proverb by telling me to imagine all my saved up coins in the piggy bank (lion bank to be exact) in a pile. That pile certainly looks like a bukit eh? And it has become a bukit thanks to all those coins that I have been saving sedikit-sedikitly. Boy do I feel good at that time. It's like ho yeah that's what I'm gonna continue doing and then I'll have a really big bukit for my future uni expenditures. Of course I realise now that life needs more than those saved up coins. Hah. Never the less, the ad gave me a brief chuckle, somewhat reminded me to spend less on less trivial things and reminded me to look more at my surroundings. I wouldn't have seen the ad despite its strategic location if I decided to just walk straight and not glance anywhere.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Missing Nine | Thoughts

Missing Nine wasn’t originally on my list because it was categorised under romance but Nicole suggested to give it a try because like the title, it is about nine missing people. Doesn’t sound romantic, now does it? Except she did not watch it because it seemed rather depressing. I gotta say it was rather depressing in the beginning mainly because of the plane crash, gushing water and people trying to survive on the island. Gets to you ya know. (BTW, plane crash graphic, thumbs up.)

Missing Nine started off with full of potential but slowed down in the middle especially at episodes 11 and 12 before picking up the pace again but has a very mediocre ending. At least most questions were answered unlike Achiara's Secret which gave out more questions than answers (more on Achiara's Secret unanswered question in another post). Episodes 1 to 10 were mostly switching between Seoul where Ra Bong Hee told her story and flashbacks to the island where the survivors were stranded. 11 and to the end brought viewers back to Seoul where both Seo Joon Oh and Choi Tae Ho tried to pin each other as Yoon So Hee’s murderer.

Seeing Ra Bong Hee’s survival skills on the island made me wonder would I be able to do the same if I was stranded on this island waiting for rescue. Will I be able to start a fire? Get food? Distil water? Stay sane? This hit me hard, I need to learn how to start a fire and distil water! All that island survival thing also reminded me of the Lost TV series advertisement on TV during school years though I have yet to watch the show. Hah.

The way Hwang Tae Gook’s attempted murder was done actually took me by surprise. Although it could be predictable that some sort of tragedy would happen to him because obviously, Choi Tae Ho and gang would want to silence him, I did not see his execution coming. I wonder if anyone to look at me when I gasp, only to find me wide eyed at a screen.

Car carrying Hwang Tae Gook coming through.
Still good.
Bam! Iron bar falls on car.
Chemistry between Ra Bong Hee and Seo Joon Oh was good but I simply could not appreciate their way too lengthy and some unnecessary scenes. Like the one where they tried to sneaked into Cho Hee Kyung’s hotel room and they were debating about throwing hotel keys towards each in the correct direction. Really? Once is enough, they don’t have to do it again and again. (You’re trying to sneak into some big shot’s room!) They do provide the comic relief though during their stranded days.

Overall I felt the content of the show could do with fewer episodes; 16 episodes weren’t really necessary. Eps 11 and 12 especially felt like filler episodes, only to fulfil the minutes. This drama has the potential and was all out in the beginning but failed to keep the momentum and the real speed came again in the finale. Although the finale was quite complete, the closure served wasn’t quite enough. Sure, Choi Tae Ho had to surrender in the end but exactly what were his charges? Was he going to be charged for the pilot’s death? For Reporter Kim’s death? For being somewhat involved in Jae Hyun’s death? (Somewhat because the actual murderer was Jang Do Pal who BTW looked worse after shaving his head.) For Lee Yeol’s death? Or for only Yoon So Hee’s death? (Which would totally be unfair of course.)

Fake blood yalls!
The ending was a scene of everyone who is alive, painting the wall of Ra Bong Hee’s balcony and having loads of fun. And, note Choi Tae Ho was with them. Confusing huh? Many viewers commented that this scene was probably a fantasy of everyone finally able to reunite and life now is brightly coloured, like the bright colours of Ra Bong Hee’s wall. Interestingly, the survivors were all wearing beige themed clothing on the island.

In short, the first quarter of the show was good, second quarter not so good, second half bad.